Some more blabbering about the hardware of a multi-rotor.

So in the last blog, I talked about selecting the ESC, motor, battery, and propellers for your frame. In this blog, I’ll talk about the control side of the hardware and some other miscellaneous things that you should know as a drone creator and pilot. Link to video (watch the video before the blog, at … Continue reading Some more blabbering about the hardware of a multi-rotor.

Linux Kernel c^2 pt. I

*c^2 Crash Course. Introduction to Linux Kernel:- Multics —> Unix —> Linux. Multics history:- Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson started with an multiuser OS project in MIT with Bell Laboratories and GE, which failed and then got terminated. That was Multics back then in 1969. Unix history: Unix grew out of Multics. Bell Lab programmers … Continue reading Linux Kernel c^2 pt. I

Linux kernel – crisp notes

These are rough notes which I took while reading Linux Kernel development by Robert love one can find it here. Chapter FOUR- Process Scheduling. Scheduling methods: – Co-operative: A process voluntarily suspend itself i.e. yield. Unless the process yields, it keeps on running. The scheduler cannot make global decisions regarding how long processes run; processes … Continue reading Linux kernel – crisp notes

Kalman filter for loofs you might not be a complete loof but I I’m writing this post to the my future self..because he forgets a lot needs his memory to be refreshed every once in a while..go grab a pen paper. K.F- It is an iterative mathematical process that uses a set of equations and consecutive data … Continue reading Kalman filter for loofs


here’s how GPS works there’s a clock involved..the satellite sending out GPS signal has it..and satellite is orbiting the Earth about 20000 Km above surface with 14000 Km/Hr. So there’s a very precise clock on-board a very fast moving satellite..what da hell/..? Satellite sends a signal consisting of its orbital data and current timing. so … Continue reading break-a-leg/rtk

Kalman for half-witted

Kalman Filter, its a very versatile technique..ask about its usage..first used in navigation system of Apollo missions..used in Image processing and vision and stuff..and used in Robotics of course. Here’s why we need a filter to compute Orientation and explains complementary filter, which works okay. Complementary filters  are good and easy to understand..but they are static..i.e. gains … Continue reading Kalman for half-witted

ARM CORE M3 Basics

ARM..Advanced RISC Machine. I wasn’t really paying attention to the CMSIS and Startup files earlier…turns out they are quite knowledgeable. just a basic thing that I think one should know to avoid confusions- “Large and complex systems are designed by making small parts work independently and then integrate them ADC’s I2C GPIO’s are not … Continue reading ARM CORE M3 Basics