Kalman for half-witted

Kalman Filter, its a very versatile technique..ask about its usage..first used in navigation system of Apollo missions..used in Image processing and vision and stuff..and used in Robotics of course. Here’s why we need a filter to compute Orientation and explains complementary filter, which works okay. Complementary filters  are good and easy to understand..but they are static..i.e. gains … Continue reading Kalman for half-witted

ARM CORE M3 Basics

ARM..Advanced RISC Machine. I wasn’t really paying attention to the CMSIS and Startup files earlier…turns out they are quite knowledgeable. just a basic thing that I think one should know to avoid confusions- “Large and complex systems are designed by making small parts work independently and then integrate them together..so ADC’s I2C GPIO’s are not … Continue reading ARM CORE M3 Basics