Base code, So no libraries. There are functions to write and read 1 byte registers and read and write bit in registers and write an address registers with 3 bytes wasn’t really working at first, so I thought might as well give RX & TX node proper 3 byte addresses..and payload is set to … Continue reading nRF24L01+


Albatross- Quad-rotor flying tests  Video quality is quite crappy, will definitely upload a better one soon. We used an Arduino Uno & a MPU 6050, and used PID controller for self balancing. Its completely customizable as we ourselves wrote the complete code except the DMP part..thanks to Jeff Rowberg great work..!! Here are the problems … Continue reading Albatross

Pinchange Interrupts and reading PWM signals.

Here’s an article by mwwalk on Pinchange interrupts, its quite helpful. and here’s the code for reading 4 PWM signals from a RC Transmitter Reciever on Atmega328- //Digital Pins 2,3,4,5 for 4 Channels #include<avr/interrupt.h> volatile unsigned int preval[4]={0},temp=0,pwm[4]={0}; //preval stores micros() at the time when signal is going high, 4 channels 4 preval. boolean jack[4]={true}; //boolean … Continue reading Pinchange Interrupts and reading PWM signals.